Main causes of oily skin

8 causes of oily skin

Oily skin is one of the persistent and biggest causes of botheration among many people. Most of the women have problem with excessive oiliness of skin at some point of time in their lifetime.  Unhealthy lifestyle of people and toxic environment are the factors that aggravate this problem. Healthy lifestyle, eating habits and regular exercises can help to overcome oil build up in the skin and restore the shine of skin. There following main causes of excessive oil build up.

1. Hormonal changes
2. Eating habits
3. Cosmetics use
4. Over cleansing
5. Humidity and hot whether
6. Genetics
7. Stress
8. Fatigue
Hormonal changes: Oily skin is common problem in teen ager due to hormonal shift in adolescence but it can occur at any age. Women have hormonal changes while taking birth control pills, around their periods, during pregnancy, after child birth and during menopause that can upset the oil balance and increase the activity of sebaceous glands that causes oil secretion and excessive oiliness in the skin. Excessive oil secretion may cause whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, acne and skin infection.

Eating habits: Eating high fat diets, white bread, potatoes, processed dairy food and white rice increase the risk of oiliness in the skin. Slight deficiency in Vitamin B2 may also cause oily skin. Deficiency of Vitamin B2 can be overcome by eating whole grain, beans, nuts, royal jelly. Black beans and whole rice can rejuvenate your skin.

Cosmetics use: The main cause of oiliness in skin is use of cosmetics products. Certain cosmetic products used for skincare can block the skin pores that lead to production of more oil by sebaceous glands onto the skin. Frequent change of cosmetic products may also cause oiliness in skin. Some ingredients present in skincare products may aggravate a mild pre-existing oily skin condition and make it much worse.

Oily skin solution

Over cleansing: Excessive cleansing causes more production of oil by the glands and is another common cause of oily skin.

Humidity and water:  Hot and humid weather can have detrimental effect on your skin as in these conditions sebaceous glands produce more oil that can clog the pores. More sweating due to such weather conditions may also contribute to this problem.

Genetics:  Heredity could also be one of the reasons of oily skin. Through you genetics, you could be predisposed to have oily skin at various stages in life.

Stress: Stress, anxiety and mental tension cause over production of sebum that may also be one of the main reason of oily skin for many people.

Fatigue: Insufficient sleep and fatigue may cause many health related problem and one of the side effects from not getting sufficient sleep and rest may be oily skin.

Homemade recipes are quite helpful in curing the problem of oily skin. “Natural Skincare Guide-Home made recipes” is the big resource of homemade recipes.

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