Skincare in Rainy Season

Protection and skincare in Rainy Season



Our skin needs changes from season to season. Skincare in rainy season becomes very essential as we need to protect it from high humidity levels and infectious environment. The chances of getting skin infections and skin problems are high during rainy seasons. The following tips are sure to help you in protection and skincare in rainy season:




Skin protection and skincare in rainy season



1. Daily shower is must. And if taken twice then it is even better.



2. Use antifungal soap for bathing but do not use it on facial skin.


3. A mild face wash is good for face. You can also opt for some home remedy like a mixture of gram flour, rose water and milk. Apply evenly on face and wash off after 15 -20 minutes.


4. Always follow your cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine to keep your skin youthful and bright.


5. Apply sunscreen before going outside as sun rays are still there in rainy season.


6. Keep your skin dry. Prolonged hours of wetness may cause infection on skin.


7. For fragrant experience, add some rose water in your bath and stay sweet scented all day long.


8. For hair protection go for head massage once in a while and shampoo your hair every alternate day to keep hair problems at bay. Do not comb wet hair. Also do not tie your hair tightly as it may lead to breakage.



9. Use water based cosmetic products.



10. Prefer cotton clothing in rainy season to keep the skin cool and fresh.





The above tips can save you from many problems related to rainy season. In addition to the above, try to include some herbs in your daily skin protection routine and diet.


For example turmeric is extremely good for skin problems. Use a pinch of it in your face mask for fair and bright glow. When used in food, it protects you from several infections and diseases.


In the same way use of basil in kitchen and for skin care is extremely beneficial.


At the end a colorful umbrella in your bag will surely protect you from rain and sun rays.


Prepare your own home made recipes that are safe, cheap and very effective in maintaining healthy skin and curing many skin related issues in natural way without any medicine.