Skin and Hair Care during Holi

Holi is the festival of colours, celebrated in India and particularly popular in northern India. On Holi people enjoy themselves playing with different colours and celebrate the whole day with much pump and gaiety. While colours are the essence of holy but nowadays synthetic dyes and colours contains toxic effect have replaced the natural skin friendly colours. These toxic colours and dyes
can leads to severe skin allergies and eye problems. Chemicals in colours may make hair roots brittle and scalp dry.

It is best to take precautionary measures in advance to minimize the adverse effect of colours on your skin and hair.

1. Never play holi with chemical colours.

2. The best way to protect your skin is to apply thick layers of oil or petroleum jelly or coconut oil or mustard oil on all exposed parts of your body about an hour before going out of your house.

3. Apply sunscreen on your body to decrease the possibility of chemical effect of colour on skin. Sunscreen should also be applies near the eyes and on eye lashes to protect your eyes from harmful effect of colours.

4. Use herbal colours or such colours that contains natural substances like turmeric or henna etc.You can use homemade gulal which can be prepared by mixing red sandalwood powder with wheat flour or Maida.

5. You can also boil the sandalwood powder in water to get red coloured water.

6. Wear full sleeves clothes and full length bottoms to protect your skin.

7. Chemicals in colours may make hair roots brittle, scalp dry so you should start using coconut oil or baby oil before and after few days of festival.

8. Oil your hair well before stepping out so the residue from dyes does not get struck to your hair and scalp.

9. Do not use soap, scrubs, kerosene oil, petrol or spirit to remove the colours as these may remove layers of skin and cause rashes.

10. Wash you face with cold water as hot water may further stick the colours on your skin.

11. After playing holi apply fuller earth (multani mitti), soak in water for an hour, on your skin.This mud pack is very helpful in removing the colour from the body.

12. Mix two spoon of lime juice with in half bowl of curd and apply in the areas having colour. After sometime take bath with normal water to remove the colour from your skin.

13. Another home remedy to remove colour from skin is, make thick paste by mixing gram flour, sweet oil, and milk cream in rose water and apply it on your face, hand and legs. Let the paste dry and remove it by rubbing with hands.

14. To the keep the nail safe from effect of colours, cut the long nail and apply nail polish on them.

15. Stop all facial treatment during festive season.

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