Makeup trends for Spring 2017


Recent running shows are specifying striking Makeup trends for Spring 2017. According to makeup experts, radiant skin with glitter touch and rainbow colours is going to make the spring a dazzling one. The two tone bright lips to vibrant green eye lids, the make- up trend will be loud enough to do a bang.


Pink Blush



Intense pink cheek can draw anyone's eyes. Apply a pink blush on the top of the cheeks in square shape. The pink shade goes well with every skin tone. The colour is pretty to compliment any lip colour and eye makeup.


Bold Lips



Bold lips are in the center of the make-up trend in spring. Apart from red, the electric orange, peach, colour blocking, fuchsia, purple-grey and matte cherry will rule. It seems like your loud lips will be the most attractive silent speaker at the party.


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Two Tone Lips



Do you love to do crazy lips? Then forget about the green or electric blue. The concept is two tone lips. Apply matte red hot on upper lip and pretty pink in the lower. It will look funny yet gorgeous. Isn't it the irresistible Makeup trend for Spring 2017!


Rainbow Lids



The eye lids will look attractive with two colour rainbow effect. Select two contrasting colour in the same colour family. You can select peach and purple. Apply two colours and smudge it with a brush. Smudge it on the outer lines and the ends of the lids. Apply purple under the eyes.


Dark Smudgy Eyes




Black eyes are always seductive. If you want the black smudgy look then apply the black kohl first. Complete it with a shine of gloss. The shiny texture and smudgy shade will do the rest of the magic.


Metallic Shimmer Eyes



Metallic eye makeup is elegant. First apply light brown shade on the eyelid and after that use gold pencil.


So, what are you waiting for? Get chic and trendy with these Makeup trends for Spring 2017 and rock the world!


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