Your Perfect Guide for Makeup at Home For Diwali

Your Perfect Guide for Makeup at Home For Diwali


makeup at home for diwali

Diwali is one of the most popular festivals that we all really look forward to, as we get a chance to be without family, enjoy the firecrackers, eat sweets, wear new clothes, and do pretty makeup and look gorgeous as ever. Many of us prefer to do makeup at home for diwali to match the festive feel of the Diwali and enjoy the party atmosphere around.


However, you need to adorn makeup as per the latest trends to look beautiful. Therefore, for all those lovely women who want to add a dash of stylishness to the traditional festivities, here are some easy steps for you that would make you look more beautiful this festive season amongst everyone:

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Concealer and Foundation for makeup at home for diwali

The first step that you would look after is to choose whether you need a concealer or foundation, or maybe both of them. If it is, choose a concealer that is slightly lighter in colour than that of the foundation. This is a magical tip to conceal your dark circles under the eyes and uneven skin tone. The best method is to blend the concealer well using your fingertips or a sponge.


Moreover, the foundation you choose should match your skin tone. You need to apply little dots to the centre of your face and blending it outwards with a sponge helps in covering up your face. To make sure that your foundation stays for longer, apply some compact powder to the face.


Eye Shadow for makeup at home for diwali


Eye shadow


To apply an effect to the eyebrows, it is better to use powdered shadows than pencils, as it tends to look less natural. To get the most spectacular effect, we recommend you to use three shades of eye shadow. Let us tell you, how to do it...


Select them from range starting from light, medium, and dark colours. The darkest of the three should be used to line the upper eyelid while the light shade has to be applied in the inner corners of the eyes.The secret lies in blending the three eye shadows very well to give the beautiful effect.For the last and final touch, apply eyeliner to the outer of the eye by creating a wing to make you look a little dramatic this Diwali.




Mascara is the magic wand in the eye makeup. Mascara can be used to do various things. It can either be used to make your lashes look longer and fuller, or for a curly look. The colour depends on the eye shadow chosen by you.


Special Touch for Cheeks


The cheeks also need a special touch. To put emphasis on the cheekbones, one should add a little amount of blush to the apples or just below. This will make the most of your festive look for Diwali. For fair skin tones, rose and mauve will work best and for medium skin tones, bronze shimmer will give the desired effect. Dark skin tones should go for bronze and plums blush to make cheeks attractive and fuller.


Lip Colour

Lastly, the most important thing that matters is the lip colour. Your lips can either make a statement or make you look pale. Lips should be perfectly lined after applying lipstick and not before. This will avoid the liner from showing when the lipstick has been worn off.


Fair skin tones can experiment with bright lip colours such as bright red, orange, fuchsia or icy pink for Diwali makeup. While medium skin will look good in cool tones of red and corals, brown and pink, the dark skin types must go for shades of deep peach and purples, brown, bronze and gold mixes.



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Make Your Face Look Thinner

How to Make Your Face Look Thinner

Eye makeup

A slim face is something everyone wants not just because it looks attractive but because it looks perfect. Well, gone are the days when making your face appear thinner was a tough job as today you can do it in quite a simple way. All you need is three makeuptools which are:




Apart from these tools you also need to have the exact knowledge of how to use them in the best way possible to get the best results.


It is a very helpful way to contour your face you just need to ensure that it is a couple of shades darker than the natural tone of your skin. In terms of application, it should be applied in a parallel way to the jaw line so that your cheekbones get defined beyond the part of your face which is fleshy. Also, it should be placed straight down from the bridge of the nose. This would make your nose appear longer as well as thinner. At this stage, you need to blend your makeup well so that the tone of your skin looks natural. At the end of this process, you should apply a thin amount of bronze makeup to your chin and jaw line also so as to elongate your face.


The key in using blush to make your face look thinner is that it should be carefully applied on your cheeks above bronzer and in the same way as bronzer; the application should be parallel to the jaw line. You can also make the use of a cream stick as it is the best way to apply blush to your cheek at the exact angle required. A lighter shade of the blush is the best if you want to have your apple of the cheek defined well but if doesn’t match your skin tone; you might use a darker shade.


A highlighter is very well known to be one of the best ways to give your contour face a classic finishing touch. A highlighter can actually work wonders when it comes to making your face look thinner, it’s just that you should know the exact way how to use it. For best result, you need to add some amount of makeup to the top and bottom part of your lip so as to get them highlighted. You should also cover a small area above you nose with highlighter and should also run it over the bones of your eyebrows. In order to add some misty glow to your face, you should apply highlighter over the blush which you have applied to your cheeks.

You might have to spend some time in blending in all three with the shape of your face but one thing is assured that once you see the results, you are definitely going to change the way you applied makeup to your face. Contouring is one of the most effective and popular ways of making your face appear thinner and you may find a lot of celebrities doing it.