Hairstyles and trends for this spring/summer 2015

Hairstyles and trends for this spring, summer 2015


This summer all you need is a roller, some bobby pins, bands of the colors you love and to match your dress and you are all set to go. The winter has lived its tenure and the spring/summer is all set to start. As per the latest trends that is in the air as per the fashion weeks in the fashion capitals of the world, namely New York, London, Milan and Paris, there are hair makeover tips that you can follow.


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1. Pony tails never go out of fashion


You can wear your pony tail at the nape of your neck. Tie it tight or slick, match it with a color of the dress you’re wearing. Use some hair lotion for a perfect look.


2. Casual Braids


Braids are not even easy to carry, but it also hardly takes few minutes to give it a perfect shape and organized look. For the daytime, tousle up your hairs from the bottom and have mini plaits. For the evening look, one can make 3-4 sections from the front and then have an undone up-do.


3. Accessorize


As the old proverb says, “The world might be fake with all its decoration, but these decorations are still worth having”. Going with the saying, the ramp saw the hair done completely perfect with the pretty garlands, bobby pins and scarves.


4. Wet lock looks


No matter if the hairstyles of the models on the runways was sophisticated or disheveled, perfectly managed or unceremoniously textured, knotted high or left free, they had a thing in common and that was wet hair lock look. The most common style was side swept, hairs slicked back either in plaits or just straightened and the one that rocked the ramp was the wet twisted ponytails.


5. Textured Hairstyles



Every one of us suffers the thwart of the rough wind where all the perfectly set hairs get disarrayed in a strange fashion. Why not help yourself with the rough look and awesome appeal using some salt spray. This may help to add sections with volume and style.


6. Messy buns

The hotness and the messiness is something that no one can deny in the summers. So why not adore it with pride than to feel messy. Pull up your hair in high bun and create small twists series in the center that gives a bold style.


7. Chopped hairstyle


The shoulder length chopped hairstyle has been regarded as the cool youngster style that goes with ease and becomes a style statement.


The latest hair trends for the spring/summer 2015 has been kept in mind the easy to handle and smart to carry look. Go trendy this summer. You need to give a tough competition to this hot summer.

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Hairstyles that Make you Look Younger

Hairstyles that Make you Look Younger

Hair plays a very decisive role in complementing and portraying your personality. You might come across many people who are not aware of how the way their hair is cut or styled can greatly affect their overall appearance. You can understand this fact just by looking at some of the celebrities who might have crossed the age bar of 4O but their appearance is still very youthful. It is all because they choose the perfect hairstyle for themselves. Another instance that can easily make you understand the importance of a good hair style is, if you had a bad
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haircut at some point, you would have easily noticed how it affected your complete appearance so similarly vice versa also applies.

Here are a number of hairstyles that would suit your personality and help you look younger:

i) The first one in the list is to let your hair grow. Once your hair is well grown, you can go for some strategic cuts through the crown, along the layers and alongside your hairline. This would soften your face and enhance the makeup that you would have applied.
ii) A forehead fringe which is side swept is also a good option as it draws attention towards your eyes and minimizes any kind of imperfection that your skin might be having. This style together with fringes makes your face appear very youthful.
iii) Highlighting your hair with subtle natural tones that complement you can also add a youthful aura to your face.
iv) You should always avoid the use of grey, super cool or white tones because they have a tendency to take away the warmth from your skin and this results in the building up of years again.
v) Lifeless and flat hair is bound to make you look older so it is good to get some good quality hair straighteners, increase the volume and add some life to your hair. You can also make use of the volume adding brush because increased volume would not only make you look younger but will also boost your confidence.
vi) Texture is very crucial when it comes to adding a youthful aura to your face. Stacked curls, soft waves or graduated angles that are so done to blend in well with the contours of your face will surely add a youthful vibrancy to your face.
vii) Dyeing your hair darker can also do the trick for you but pay attention that you should avoid going more than two shades darker than your natural shade.
viii) Above all, the key aspect is to love your hair because the reason your hair might not be able to add to your personality is neglect. A regular visit to your hairdresser would ensure that the vibrancy, quality and vitality of your hair are maintained. This would ensure that as per your need you can adopt any hairstyle, whenever you want.

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How to Choose Best Hair Style

How to choose Best Hairstyle


The secret to a dazzling personality is never hidden in the chamber of a plastic surgeon or an expensive salon but in you only. With a good hairstyle, you can complement your personality in such a way that even you will not be able to believe how awesome you look. Choose a hairstyle that not only fits but also complements your personality, face, hair texture, coloring and your lifestyle. Perfect hairstyle is very crucial as it makes both personal and professional statement.When you are thinking of choosing the best hair for you, all you need to do is to keep four very important factors in your mind:


Hair texture and thickness
Wave pattern
Facial structure
Hair elasticity

Each factor listed here plays a significant role in deciding the best hairstyle for an individual and that is why you should know what their individual roles are in the complete process.

Hair texture and thickness:

The density and texture of your hair play a very important role in deciding the hairstyle best suited for you. Here density is related to the thickness of your hair while texture is related to the thickness of all the shafts. The major textures are medium, fine and coarse textures. So if you have fine textured hair, you can consider on choosing a style, which might provide your hair an appearance of enhanced thickness and volume. For the ones with thick hair, a style, which is straight and adds shimmer and shine, would be more suited.

Wave pattern:

Having the knowledge of your wave pattern is very important because it decides how your hair is going to take curls. In terms of wave pattern, there are mainly three types of hair:


Facial structure:

Facial structure is one of the biggest factors to play a role in deciding which hairstyle would suit you the most. Some of the major face shape and their role in hair styling are as follows:

1. For people who have oval face, any hairstyle will suit their personality well.
2. Those having heart shaped face, they need to balance their chin, for which having face-framing layers is the best available option.
3. Round faced people face the problem that there face do not have a definition from cheekbones up to the jaw line. Therefore, for them, the best alternative is to get a bob cut that puts an end to the jaw line.
4. In the case of square face, the best hairstyle would be in which hair part at the center and lie against the face, flat.
5. Your hair should have nice flowing texture and natural parting if your face is long.

Hair elasticity:

In the case of hairstyles that are long, elasticity is greatly important because that would determine how well is your hair`s resistance to breakage and how good is it at absorbing substances. That is why elasticity of your hair is also a key factor to be considered when choosing the best hair style for you.

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