Homemade Beauty Treatments after Holi Party

Homemade Beauty Treatments for Skin and Hair After Holi


India is one such country where celebrations take place with the change of every season. Every festival in India is celebrated with grey zest and enthusiasm. One of such festivals is Holi, which is celebrated with vibrant colours. Holi is about to come and you are all set to party hard with your friends and family. However, you also need to take special care of your skin and hair from harmful chemicals.


Below, some easy homemade beauty treatments that you can consider for your skin and hair after the Holi party in order to feel revived,


1. Lemon Juice



You need to rinse your hair with good amount of water to wash off chemicals. For extra care, you can also add a tablespoon of lemon juice in a mug and use it as a last rinse to restore the cid-alkaline balance of the scalp.


2.Heena Powder


As you know, Heena is known worldwide for keeping your hair healthy. Therefore, after the Holi party, you can apply a pack of heena powder, curd and lemon juice on your hair. Keep it for an hour or so, and then wash it off with cold water. This pack will provide moisture to your beautiful tresses.


3. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

You can apply coconut oil all over your body with the help of a cotton pad and then try to remove the stains of harmful colours. This is the most effective way of getting rid of stubborn stains of harmful colours.



4. Besan (Gram Flour)


Besan Face pack


For making this face pack, you need to mix besan, rose water, a pinch of turmeric and mustard oil and apply it all over. Then, leave it for some time and wash off with cold water. This face pack will bring back the lost glow of your skin and makes it look more fresh and rejuvenated.


5. Cucumber Juice


Cucumber is said to have soothing properties which helps in reducing irritation and itchiness of skin. For making this pack, you need to mix components like milk cream, one tablespoon of cucumber juice and freshly ground bottle gourd peels and apply it on your face and exposed areas like hands and legs. After this, you need to wash it off with coconut water.


Hope you love all the water balloons thrown at you and catch some as well. It is the time to splatter your family and friends with organic colours and have a fantastic and wonderful Holi!

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Essential Vitamins for Skin Care

Essential Vitamins for Skin Care


A good-looking skin is the desire of every person. Men or women, all want to have a good and bright skin. While women do undertake steps to get such skin but men at times may not even accept this desire feeling a bit shy. The best part is that if you want a glowing and radiant skin you might have other ways also apart from skin products and this other way is the proper intake of some specific vitamins, which can greatly help your skin.

This way you not only take care of your skin but also your body. Even for women, having knowledge about the important vitamins is very important as this might prevent them from indulging in excessive use of beauty products.

Some of the most important vitamins are like vitamin A, vitamin B, Vitamin C and many more. Here, vitamin A decreases the production of sebum in your body. In addition, the role of vitamin A does not end here, as it is also greatly helpful in the maintenance and repair of your skin. Dermatologists recommend this vitamin as it gives you a youthful skin and its response to acne breakouts is very good. It leads to an increase in blood flow, thus stimulating the skin and preventing you from sunburn.

Vitamin B is also greatly helpful as it helps your skin in fighting acne, helps it in the maintenance of a healthy skin tone apart from enhancing and improving circulation and metabolism. They can hold the moisture in which is one reason which makes this vitamin an essential in skin care. They are considered to be effective exfoliates which means that they remove the surface skin cells which are dead thus preventing the skin from looking dull.

Vitamin C is actually a powerful anti-oxidant in itself and thus it is greatly helpful in giving a good appearance to your skin and it prevents bad looking blood vessels. It is more known as ascorbic acid and has been proven to help in rejuvenating the skin, which means that your skin looks not only younger but also lustrous. The aim of vitamin D is to give your skin good appearance and color, all you need to ensure is to use it in proper quantity as excess can cause problems. This vitamin offers you a multitude of benefits such as it stimulates collagen, reduces blotchiness, protects against sun damage and reduces wrinkles.

Another anti-oxidant and very important vitamin is the vitamin E. this vitamin has been found to be very effective in cases when the person has dry skin. If your dry skin is the result of any other factor other than lack of moisture, this vitamin can be very useful and it can prevent damage to your skin. You can get these vitamins from fruits and vegetables along with from natural beauty products. Once your body starts getting these essential vitamins in the required quantity, you would be easily able to observe the changes in your skin.

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How to Buy Beauty products

Tips on How to Buy Beauty products

With the kind of advertising that companies selling beauty products do, it is very easy to guess that this sector has grown manifolds over the years. The reason is also obvious as everyone wants to look good and in the recent years consciousness among people regarding appearance and beauty has also grown very much, more and more people are buying beauty products. With every new product, which enters the market, the definition of beauty evolves as people watch celebrities endorsing them and they get all keen on trying the new products. Thing is that just the reason that a very good looking celebrity is endorsing a particular product doesn't mean it will be good, you need to follow a number of tips while buying them, so that you don't end up wasting your hard earned money.

Check the ingredients of the products

In broad terms while you are buying a beauty product, you need to pay attention to the label, name of manufacturer, check out the ingredients and the date on which the product expires. Firstly, when you are checking the ingredients, all ways choose a product having mild ingredients. You also need to pay special attention to the fact that it does not have any substance that you are allergic to as an ingredient. If you find the ingredients to be something you are unfamiliar with, doing a bit of research is strongly suggested. You can use the search engines to find out the details of any particular ingredient.

Price of the products

Price is another aspect that even you would be concerned about and you should be careful about it. Remember, if a product is expensive that does not means that it would be good. Price should be never your criteria of selecting, so you if you are looking for like a lotion.  Compare the different products of various reputed companies on the basis of ingredients used, price and benefits and afterwards make a wise decision.

Reviews about the products

If you really want to be a smart customer, be vigilant and don't trust anything blindly. A very famous celebrity endorsing a beauty product is no guarantee of quality. You should check the reviews and posts on beauty related forums, related to any particular product that you are interested in buying. This would get you an insight in to the experience of other people who would have used that product and then based on this you can make choice about which beauty product would you like to make a part of your daily routine. As money is also a very important aspect here so you need to compare prices of different products so that you can decide which brands not only offer you good quality products but are also cost effective and reasonably priced. You should also demand for samples of products that you are interested in buying and try them. This way before you actually buy the product, you will be able to find out whether or not it suits you.

Homemade recipes as beauty products

Natural Skin Care Guide

Homemade recipes are the best for maintaining healthy, younger looking and glowing skin.

You are aware of the ingredients of homemade recipes and can adjust ingredients as per requirement of your skin.

These recipes are not only safe but are also cost effective.

Step by step guidance for preparing recipes, beauty products as per type of your skin is available at “Natural Skincare Guide-Home made recipes

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Banefits of Banana and Beauty Care

Banefits of Banana and Beauty Care

Health benefits of banana

You always want to look beautiful and some beauty products always come in handy. However, persistent use of such cosmetics is something that dermatologists from all over the world ask you not to do. Nevertheless, does that mean that you cannot look beautiful? The answer is no because nature has endowed humankind with so many gifts that if proper use is made of them, you can get a lot of benefits from them. Nature provides you in itself with a wide variety of beauty products in the form of several herbs, fruits, minerals and much more.

Amongst all these natural products, banana is something very beneficial and you can get many beauty benefits from it.

Banana an effective emollient for skin and hair

Eating banana is very beneficial for health is a well-known fact but what is not much known is that its application to hair and skin can be very beneficial. By its application, you can get rid of many problems related with your skin without using any medication or cosmetics. The first aspect related to banana, which makes it very beneficial, is that it has very effective moisturizing qualities. It contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which can greatly help your hair and skin. Being a source of natural oil and potassium, it provides you with soothing qualities. It also contains an amino acid by the name of tryptophan, which makes it very effective in beauty related aspects.

Raw banana is a store of vitamins, carbohydrates and minerals and it contains magnesium, calcium, zinc, iron and many more minerals. It is a very effective emollient for your hair and skin. The best part about banana is that its application is not confined to any particular skin type and can be applied to all.

Banana as moisturizer

The extent to which you would be able to reap banana beauty benefits depends largely on its proper use and application. Like, if you are in need of some moisturizing on immediate basis then you can simply smash a ripe banana, then apply, and leave it on your skin for almost fifteen minutes and it would be done. Other way of using banana as a beauty product is by smashing a ripe one until its texture turns to creamy and then you should apply and let it stay on your skin for about twenty minutes. Once the time is over you should wash this with first warm water and then cold water and do this complete thing regularly. If you do this on a regular basis, it would greatly help you in preventing your skin from wrinkles.

Banana to cure scars and pimples

Banana skin can help you greatly in getting rid of pimple scars. To remove the scars that pimples would have given you need to rub the skin of banana on your affected part regularly. If you want to eat banana to get its beauty benefits then you should eat it empty stomach or before meals as this way, the fruit can work most effectively. Another beauty benefit or application of banana is that it can help you a lot in the softening of face muscles.

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Reduce wrinkles