Summer Nail Art Designs for 2017

Summer nail art designs for 2017

It's time again to explore summer nail art designs for 2017, flaunt funky and bright designs on nails this summer. Watermelons, stars, abstract art, patterns, and blocks- all ideas are in hot demand. Visit a salon for good manicure and color your nails with lots of art attack. The fresh ideas of nail art will give your personality a new shake. We have compiled some gorgeous ideas of nail art for the scorching summer to freshen up, read on:


Bright Floral


Bright floral


Freshness comes from colorful floral designs. How about painting flowers on the nails to get a charming effect? Well, select a light color base like pink or white or light yellow and on that base apply the floral designs. Finish it up with a shiny coat.


Zig Zag Patterns


Patterns look always cool when you are in a naughty mood. Apply different colors in each nails whatever is your favorite like, orange, sky blue, pretty pink, bright yellow and sea green. Draw the patterns with black or white.


Pastel Geometric


geometric design


Geometric designs in nails are fresh. Make the geometric designs with some soft colors like pink, sky blue, white, yellow. The Geo pattern will keep the nail art elegant as well as casual.


Color Flip Side


Apart from the top of the nails one can color the flip side of the nails. It is a cool and funny idea. Apply a nude color on the nails and select a bright red or yellow or green for the opposite side.


Ombre with Star


ocean effect


Your nails will tell your favorite vacation target. Summer means vacation on the beach. So color your nails with ocean blue ombre and add star fish design on the end of the tip. The ocean effect is a unique concept of nail art.


Dots Effect




Dots or polka design is always stylish. Wear your favorite nail color. When it dries, apply dots on the nails with multiple color, or white or black, or with golden color. This nail art is easy but looks great.


Cool Watermelon


water melon


Watermelons are meant for summers. Design watermelon on your nails with dark pink, green and black nail polish. This art design looks fresh and awesome at day time.




holographic nail design


Paint your nails in holographic design. The holographic design looks wonderful and ravishing in sunlight. In fact, you can wear various colors for this design. Your nails will say that you are a fun loving person.