Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2016

Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2016


What should you shop for this summer? What is the Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2016 going to be like? These are a couple of questions that might be hovering on your head right now. But don't you worry at all! Here are some inputs that can come to your rescue, this season and help you look fabulous than what you are now!


1. Focus on the Sleeves


Summer fashion trends for women 2016 calls for you to either go strapless or wear blouses, top and dresses with voluminous sleeves. Whichever way you go, you are surely going to feel very girly. But if you are conscious about fashion trends, then don't dare to go halfway. Dresses with half sleeves, ¾ sleeves and straight full sleeves are a strict no-no!




2. Orange is the color of the season


Many women, especially the ones who are not too confident about their skin tones are apprehensive about the orange color. But, if you wish to be in the league of fashionistas and summer fashion trends for women 2016, then forget your complexes, and look out for the best orange hue!


3. Time to make lace your best friend


This season wear dresses that are beautifully adorned with laces. Dresses with laces make a woman feel very elegant, and elegance is the essence of the womanhood. So why not, go ahead and make sure you buy clothes with beautiful and adorable laces in line with Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2016.


Dresses with laces



4. Play with your ears


This is the time when you can experiment with your earrings. If you've always wanted to wear jumbo earrings, then go for it now. The Summer Fashion Trends for Women 2016 allows you to do anything and everything. You can also wear one earring from different pair and the other one from a different one (mismatch). And be rest assured that nobody will criticize you for it.


5. Petite Pleats


Pleats are for summers, but this season it is the minutest of all! Skirts and dresses with thin pleats look gorgeous and make you feel very feminine. Go for pastel colored dresses with pleats and you are sure to look gorgeous.


pastel colored dresses with pleats


6. Ruffles


Most of the designers highlighted ruffles in the Spring/Summer 2016 Runaways. Ruffles are romantic and classy and they too make you look very elegant. Ruffles on formal and informal blouses create different impacts, but they are always very apt for the occasion.


Ruffles on formal and informal blouses


7. Low-slung pants


It is the time for you to go back in the 90s era and show your well-defined hip bone with low-slung pants. The best part about them is that they are extremely comfortable and can be paired with absolutely anything. If you are short, wear long heels, but make sure that you buy a couple of these, this season. 


low-slung pants for women


8. Marled Knits


Knits are again back in trend. Pair knitted crop tops with absolutely anything- denims, trousers, midi skirt or a pencil skirt and you will surely look stunning. Knits have a charm of their own and then can look glamorous at any point of the day or at any do.


Marled Knits