Warts symptoms and treatments

Warts are small local painless growths in the skin that are caused by a virus known as human papillomavirus (HVP). These warts can be disfiguring and embarrassing but are generally harmless. Sometimes these warts may itch or hurt particularly in feet. Some warts are spread through sexes that are known as genital wart. Warts can be disappeared on their own with time but it may take very long time or say years.

Types of Warts and Symptoms

Common warts: These warts usually appear on hands but can be at any part of body. These warts do not cause any pain until they are repeatedly rubbed.
Flat warts: These warts are generally found on face and forehead. These are common in children but are rarely found in adults.
Plantar warts: These warts are found on the sole of feet and can be very painful. Sometime it becomes very difficult to walk or run due to plantar wart.
Genital warts:  These warts are usually found on the genitals, between the thighs. These     warts can also appear inside the vagina and anal canal. These warts are contagious and spread at other parts or may be transmitted to other person but this is uncommon.
Periungual and subungual: These warts usually develop under and around the finger nails and toe nails.
Wart is a raised oval or round growth on the skin. These can be lighter, darker or black colored as compared to other skin. Some warts may have smooth or flat surface and some may cause pain.

Treatments for warts

There are various treatments available for warts but warts may respond erratically to various treatments. If you consult doctors they have various approaches to get rid off from these warts. One of the most popular options is cryotherapy. In this method doctor will freeze the wart for 1-3 weeks depending upon the intensity of wart by using liquid nitrogen. This method is quite effective and will normally remove the warts. Laser treatment is another option. FDA approved wart removers are also available in the market. You can also apply herbal based liquid medication on the affected area which is quite safe.
Several type of over the counter drugs like cream, gels are also available in the market that claims to dissolve and kills the warts. Some of the drugs contain salicylic acid and some cream contains hydrogen peroxide. Many people try to get rid of warts with home remedies by applying lemon or lime juice to warts several times a day. Some people use apple cider vinegar. They believe that acid in these products will dissolve the hard surface of the warts and kills the virus. In fact we need specific treatments that remove the root cause of warts. Here we will discuss  herbal product to get rid of from warts.

H-Warts: A Natural Warts Product is herbal wart treatment. This is a natural formula designed specifically for warts by using established ingredients. H warts contain the highest quality of pure essential oils, extracted from plants. The formula is completely natural - free from all herbicides, pesticides and chemicals. H-Warts are specially formulated for common warts, verruca, flat warts, facial warts and planters warts.

The result will vary from person to person. You may aspect positive result within 2-6 weeks of use by applying three times a day. Take precaution that you do not touch or scratch the wart.  Stubborn warts may take little longer. To apply this product place few drops on a Q-tip or use your fingers. Simply dab each wart and there no need to saturate them. This product is also comes with 60 days money back guarantee.

1. This should not be used for children aged below 4years.
2. This should not be used by those who are pregnant or nursing.
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