Cellulite Treatment

What is Cellulite ?

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Cellulite is overfilled fat pockets right under the skin due to enlarging the fat cells to take up more space between the skin’s connective tissues than normal. This additional fats deposit just below the surface of skin gives the appearance of lumpiness, dimpled skin. Cellulite generally appears on skin in thighs, buttocks, pelvic region, breasts and abdomen. It is not a serious medical condition but can be unsightly and make you conscious while wearing shots or swimming suits. Cellulite may occur in men and women both but is more common in women due to having particular types of fat and connective tissues. In most of the cases cellulite appears after puberty, post adolescent women. The exact cause of cellulite has not been established but several theories have been put forth as causes of cellulite and some of them are:

Causes of Cellulite:

Hormonal changes or using hormonal contraceptives: Hormonal changes affect the regulation of blood flow, lymphatic drainages, fat and connecting tissues that plays a major role in formation of cellulite.
Genetic reasons: People who have close relatives that have cellulite are more prone to it and it has been observed that about 85% of women who have close relatives affected by cellulite also suffer with this problem once in their lives.
Stress: Stress is another cause of cellulite. One group of hormones known as catecholamine are induced by stress that increase the production of fatty tissues beneath the surface of the skin, gives the appearance of  lumpiness, dimples skin.
Diet: Unhealthy food like fast food, spicy food or caffeine together with excess consumption of alcohol looses the ability of body to flush out the toxin and thus stores in fatty tissues resulting in formation of cellulites.
Faulty Lifestyle and lack of exercises: People who do not exercise, stand or sit in one position for a long time and do not follow any lifestyle or have fix time of sleep may also suffer from cellulite.
Clothing: Under garments with very tight elastic across the buttocks or breast limit the normal flow of blood may also contribute to formation of cellulite.

There are following four cellulite treatments:

Endermologie Treatment:

This is the first cellulite treatment approved by FDA to allow the claim of temporary reduction of cellulite. This treatment uses rollers and gentle suctioning to deeply massage the affected area to increase the blood flow and expelling the water build up and toxins by stretching the connecting fibers. This is done by the certified endermologist. This treatment requires several sittings and may cost up to several hundred dollars.

Cosmetic Surgery:

Liposuction is one of the surgical cellulite treatments in which fat is removed by surgical method. Another surgical treatment is mesotherapy in which injections made of vitamins, pharmaceutical and homeopathic medications are injected in cellulite to break down the connective bonds of fat cells to flush out of the body. This treatment is done by plastic surgeon and can be very costly in comparison with other treatments. Many doctors advise against liposuction so you must consult your doctor to explore this further.

Treatment of Cellulite with creams, gels or lotions:

This is the safest and most popular cellulite treatment to reduce the problem of cellulites. Creams and gels are specifically formulated so as to reach in little pockets of fat under your skin to increase the blood circulation and to break down fats to dissolve and to form smooth tissue. One of such cellulite treatment is “CAPSICURVE XTREME Body Sculpting Gelwhich is quickly absorbed in the skin. This get dilate the blood vessels and break down fat cells leaving you with a supple and more toned skin. CAPSICURVE XTREME is made from natural herbal extracts including chili extract, camellia leaf extract, and   caffeine etc. Simply massage CAPSICURVE XTREME Body Sculpting Gel to the affected areas twice daily to get it quickly absorbed into the skin and break down the fat cells immediately after use.
This gel comes with 60 days money back guarantee. 

Lifestyle changes and targeted resistance exercises to cure Cellulite:

In order to lose cellulite, you’ll need to make some specific lifestyle changes and eliminate the root cause of the problem. Removing specific foods from your diet and combining targeted resistance exercises with specific dietary changes, you can control hormones  problem and help rebuild collagen and elasticity. Squats are a good compound exercise that work several large muscles in the legs and butt and will also help tone and tighten the skin and muscle around your cellulite and give you back the smooth, sexy thighs and butt you once had.
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