Seven Days Beauty Program

Beauty and the Feast

Skin and Beautycare provides you information on various topics related to skin problems and their solutions. The information ranges from seasonal skin issues to common ones like dull skin, fine lines, age spots, acne etc. You will find precautions, tips, home remedies and natural face masks for getting silky, smooth, younger looking skin and to get rid of from various skin woes.

Everyone wants flawless complexion, smooth, radiant and unblemished skin. To achieve this most of the women tries various skin care products and some even go to Botox and surgery. It is fast becoming clear that Botox and surgery tends to age the face 90% of time and most of the products do not deliver the results that they promise. Celebrities, TV and Hollywood stars have all come to discover this – some through their personal experience and some through learning from other peoples or co-stars.

So how these stars manage to look so young and beautiful in their 30s, 40s and even 50s? Apart from exercising celebrities have their nutritionist who advises food containing vitamin A, C and E and such ingredients that helps to maintain good health and create smooth skin, check sagging of skin, fight pimples and rashes and even offer natural sun protection. Nutrients from the diet travel to the skin where they help cells to fight off assault from environmental factors. We have been emphasizing at this site that maintaining good internal health is very important for keeping glow of your skin. Skin enhancing ingredients can be found in food and not in expensive chemical based beauty products. However home remedies given at the site will help in maintaining a youthful and radiant glow.

If you are currently suffering from problems such as premature aging skin, under eye circles, eczema, lifeless hair, brittle nails, stress, mood swing or hormonal imbalances or want to lose weight naturally rather than through expensive crash diets, you should follow the guidance given in the “Beauty and the Feast” eBook. This will guide you what to eat and what to avoid for a flawless complexion, younger looking and smooth skin, toned body and slimmer waist line. The food you should be eating that will benefit your skin and overall health, and also shed unwanted pounds.

The Beauty and the Feast, the latest all-natural beauty program has been developed by renowned nutritionists. This is easy to follow and scientifically proven seven day beauty program that will help you to lose weight, revitalize your health and improve the signs of aging. This will enlighten you with 15 most powerful super foods, 9 essential vitamins and nutrients that will detoxify your body, reduce stress level, and improve your health, sign of aging and inner and outer beauty. These foods will contain anti-aging, skin enhancing ingredients and will save your hard earned money. This EBook will also guide you about bad habits that lead to blackheads, black circles, blemishes and breakouts. Tips give for lifestyle changes will improve your inner body purity and outer body beauty.

Beauty and The Feast

Beauty & The Feast is a unique and professionally designed program that has been developed by The Food Fairies themselves, two fully qualified nutritionists with years of experience and a vast catalogue of happy clients all over the world. The Food Fairies understand how your skin, eyes, hair, nails and weight are directly affected by what you eat and how you live, and as a result, have put together a comprehensive program to give you everything you need to achieve a youthful and radiant glow, bright eyes, glossy hair, happy, healthy organs and a slimmer, more toned physique!

The “Beauty and the Feast” comes with 60 days money back guarantee and also with following bonus:

1. 10 commandments of Health
2. The food Fairies Pick of pamper potions
3. The food Fairies Facial yoga Video series
4. Personal Dietary  Analysis

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