Negative effects on skin of using lightening products

Side effects on skin of skin lightening products

There is huge demand for skin lightening products. People with dark skin tones, sun damaged skin, age-spots on their skin, patchy skin or discolored skin tone due to hormonal imbalances believe that they can use skin lightener to restore their skin color. In Asian countries such as in India, women use fairness creams/ treatments to get light skin tones. They do not understand that there are harmful effects of using these chemical based skin lightening products available in the market without consulting dermatologist or skin specialist.  Their main objective is to make their skin look fairer at minimum cost. Some of them even apply such products to their exposed body parts without realizing that they are also exposing themselves to risks of adverse chemicals reactions that may further result in severe health complications.

Both market and internet are flooded with countless skin lightening products that promise a new and improved look, white spotless skin, fairer skin color and so on. Are all these products really worthy and reliable? It is difficult to be sure what is in these products as manufacturers often do not fully disclose the ingredients or use such terms of ingredients that everyone cannot understand them. Most of the skin- whitening products are dangerous because of the ingredients used to produce the mode of action of the products. Manufacturer of most of these products use mercury and hydroquinone for bleaching the skin. Certain skin lightening products containing hydroquinone have already been banned for sale in the European Union, Australia, and Japan, amongst other countries as an over-the-counter (without prescription) ingredient. Many skin lightening products contains steroids that can also cause many skin complications like thinning of skin, acne, red stretch marks and discoloration.

Mercury and hydroquinone are toxic in nature and therefore not considered safe by the FDA. Use of mercury compounds has been associated with brain and kidney complications. On the other hand, hydroquinone is said to have severe side effects such as cataract, dermatitis and blue-black skin discoloration. Time and again both of these ingredients have been warned as unsafe for skin by FDA. Despite of such hazardous effects, the companies continue to use these ingredients for making skin lightening products. Surprisingly, even customers of these products hardly care about the effects and merely concentrate on the skin color.

To attain a beautiful looking, flawless complexion, there is no need of relying on such poisonous products. Fair skin tone can be attained through natural products that contain natural ingredients such as fruit acids, petroleum jelly and vitamin E. Such skin lightening natural products can show favorable results when used over a period of time but without any negative side effects. Therefore, instead of running after any below standard harmful product, the customer needs to choose those beauty products that have lasting good effects on the skin naturally.

Natural Remedies

Homemade remedies for Melasma

To remove the skin patches you can use onion slices dipped in vinegar or apply lemon juice at the affected portion of your skin. Olive oil can also be used to smoothen and brighten the skin tone. Home, natural remedies are found to be effective in treating freckles, age spots, acne marks, pigmentation and lightening the skin color. Natural remedies, method of preparation of home recipes are compiled in “skin lightening report” in which exfoliation of skin and effective skin lightening treatments and acceleration secrets to lighten and brighten the skin are explained.

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