Importance of exfoliating skin

Precautions and Home Recipes

We have discussed cleansing, toning and now we come to the next step of skin care regimen "exfoliation". Exfoliating skin simply means that you're removing the dry and flaky skin, dead skin, toxins, Pollution and build up from the skin so that it's stimulated, clean and prepared to make new skin that is radiant, clean and fresh.

Skin cells of human being normally grow and replace old ones every month but this may vary from person to person.

This is part of the skin's own natural process of exfoliation. Sometimes, the old skin sticks around and doesn't flake off completely, and this can cause cracks, lines, itchiness, blotches, blemishes and more on the surface of the skin. When this dead skin doesn't completely fall off, it can also clog pores, which can eventually lead to breakouts and acne that can be quite unsightly or uncomfortable. To safeguard your skin from these problems exfoliation becomes necessary.

Cleanse your face with soft cotton cloth daily but exfoliation is recommended to remove excess dead skin cells as per type of your skin.

The dry skin must exfoliate not more than thrice a week. The normal skin and combination skin needs exfoliation twice a week. However, the oily skin should exfoliate only once a week. Exfoliation should be done once in a fortnight in case of sensitive or mature skin. If your skin is too sensitive then give your face a rest for a month before you resume your normal regime. This will allow your skin to regain its natural balance and moisture levels.

After exfoliation fresh new skin come to the surface & prevents breakouts and blemishes and clogged pores.

There are three types of exfoliation; manual, chemical and enzyme skin exfoliation. Since we believe in natural process of skin care regimen hence we will discuss manual/natural exfoliation. For facial skin, a gentle washed cloth is the right thing for exfoliation.

You can prepare paste by mixing olive oil with finely ground oatmeal, brown sugar and dried milk powder to use as an exfoliator. Wash your facial skin properly and apply this mixture on your face with your fingertips by massaging gently. You can also use papaya as an exfoliator. Another recipe for exfoliation is:

Honey Almond Scrub Recipe

1 table-spoon of honey
2 table-spoons finely ground almonds
3 table-spoons of fresh orange juice
2 tea-spoon olive oil

Mix all the ingredients and stir briskly to incorporate all the ingredients. Massage the skin in gentle upwards circular sweeping motion. Rinse well with warm water. This recipe can be used for all skin types. One the useful resource of natural skincare regimen "Natural Skincare Guide- Homemade Recipes" in one of its chapter has explained details about exfoliation precaution and homemade recipes.

You can find more scrubbing recipes suitable for different types of skin and Complete skin care regimen for every type of skin with precautions and recipes at: " Natural Skincare Guide-HomeMade Recipes"