15 Skincare Tips for Teen Age Boys

Skincare tips for teen age boys
Care of skin begins at early age. In fact, as a person reaches puberty and becomes teenager, he should start paying extra attention to his skin. Skin care is not limited to females. Even males species also need to attend to the requirements of their skin. With the onset of teenage, the body and skin goes through various physical and hormonal changes.
The appearance of hair on facial skin, pimples, acne, scars, blemishes and uneven skin tone puzzles a growing boy. However, any kind of misguided experiment with the skin can worsen the skin surface and may leave ugly marks for years to come. Therefore, all the teenage boys out there check out these essential tips for skin care and protect their skin carefully.
1. To keep your face clean, gently cleanse it with mild face cleaning products twice a day. Avoid rubbing your face vigorously as it will damage the skin and cause rashes to appear. Always, clean the face with gentle and circular hand movements.
2. Avoid picking, touching or scratching those pimples. This is not the solution. Such acts will worsen the facial skin and will promote bacteria growth. Besides, never touch your face with dirty hands.
3. From mild to moderate kind of acne you may use over the counter products but in severe cases, consult a dermatologist for best treatment. You may also apply some home remedies for acne to treat mild acne.
4. Cleansing of face should be followed by moisturizing. If your skin is acne prone then also you need to moisturize with water based moisturizer.
5. To treat acne, try this home remedy. Make a paste of neem leaves and add some honey plus turmeric. Now apply it on the face to treat pimples. Wash off after some times and see the difference.
6. While moving out in sun, remember to wear sunscreen and your sunglasses. Not that they are in fashion but they will protect your skin from sun rays.
7. If you wish to shave then use your own razor and products as sharing can cause bacteria to spread and worsen your skin condition. Also, you must not experiment between different products and razors. Always use clean blades only to avoid any skin reaction.
8. On weekly basis, remove the layer of dead skin cells and dirt with the help of good exfoliation scrub. It should be followed by face mask to soothe the skin. There are several home remedies to rely on for exfoliation and masks.
9. You may use aloe vera gel as face mask to make the skin glowing and flawless.
10. To get good hair texture, massage your hair with oils like coconut oil or almond oil. It increases the blood circulation and results in shining hair. If you have dandruff, then use dandruff shampoos. Dandruff not only affects your hair but also causes acne on your face. Hence, treat dandruff first before treating acne.
11.  To remove dark under eyes, place some cucumber slices or potato slices. It will soothe the skin around the eyes and provide relief from dark circles.
12. To get perfect and radiant skin, take care of your diet. You must include all the essential nutrients so as to nourish your skin from outside and within as well.
13. Avoid junk foods, empty beverages, passive smoking and hard drinks.
14. Lack of sufficient water in body causes skin dryness and itching. So, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water and fluids to keep the skin hydrated.
15. Avoid overuse of chemicals and harsh skin products on skin and hair as it can damage your tender skin permanently. Always prefer home remedies over chemical products.

Keeping the teenage skin clean, clear and radiant is easier when you follow the above given skin care tips. Start applying these tips from today!

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