Pre-winter Skincare Tips

Prevent dry skin from the pre- winter season!


Winters are great as one can pull out the trendy jackets and boots, but it also come tagged along with an array of skin issues. Winter, however, pleasant gets one dry skin and lips along with the fact that it wrecks havoc on the hair as well. During pre-winter season, the skin starts showing dryness and they need extra care and attention in order to get away from the dreaded dryness.


dry skin


In the pre-winter season, many people get worried about that perfect skin care regime he or she needs to follow in order to keep the skin in a great form; soft, supple and moisturized at all times.


To make matters easy, here are some of the expert tips to care for the skin from the pre-winter season in order to escape the dryness of the skin.


1. Hydration is a must


While one may think that external applications are all that will help in the winter and the pre- winter season, one need to think twice. Winters not only wreck havoc on the external surface but also dries up the system as well. Hydrating the body is of extreme importance by drinking lots of water to keep the skin hydrated and young by warding off all the toxins out of the system. In case one does not want to intake cold water, lukewarm water is just as beneficial here!


glasses of water


2. Opting for creamy or oil based products


The best way to keep the skin moisturized in the pre winter and during the winter season is by applying creams and moisturizers which are creamy and oily in nature. These creamy and oily ones help in retaining the moisture on the skin helping them to stay supple and lovely throughout. These creams also help in nourishing the skin from deep within while they form a protective layer to prevent any damage or dryness as well.


creams and moisturizers


3. Importance of oiling the skin


Before taking a bath, it is advised to oil the body with olive oil or any baby oil product as it helps to retain the moisture in the body skin even after taking the bath. The harsh winds of winter strip off the nutrients and the moisture of the body which can be retained by the application of oil throughout.


Hair care with olive oil


4. Hair conditioning


Pre-winter also affects the manes and to maintain the tresses it is important to condition them well too. To make this possible, conditioning the hair strands well with conditioners high on silicone or applying homemade hair masks does the trick!


conditioning the hair strands

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5. Sunscreen is important in winter too


Contrary to the popular belief that sunscreens are to be applied only in summers, it is as well important in the pre-winter and the ongoing winter months as well. This is due to the fact that the pre-winter sun rays are harmful too and thus it is advisable to apply good amount of large spectrum sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.



6. Hand care


Hands are one of the most ignored body parts. During pre and winter months, the hands should be taken care off well by moisturizing them and wearing gloves whenever applicable to keep them from drying up.




7. Say no to hot baths


It is necessary to say no to baths as the hot water tends to strip the skin off the essential nutrients and natural moisturizers making them flaky and dry. To avoid such issues, taking bath in lukewarm water helps and moisturizing the body well post the bath takes care of the skin better.