Natural tips to stop falling of Eyelashes




Eyes are precious and beautiful. Long and lustrous eyelashes make the eyes more attractive. However, thinning of eyelashes occurs due to health issues, medication or age or naturally, some have less growth. Covering up thin eyelashes using artificial long lashes or mascara is a temporary solution and this artificial way can reduce the growth. On the other hand, natural remedies bring in long lasting results. Here are natural tips to stop falling of eyelashes to achieve long and stunning look.




Trimming is the ideal trick to get long eyelashes. Use a sharpened cuticle-trimming scissor to trim the tip of the eyelashes. The trimming will boost the follicles and the lashes will grow long.



Eyelid Massage



Eyelid massage is good for the eyelashes. Put your thumb on the eyelid and gently massage it. This way your eyelash growth will stimulate. Do this three to four times a day.



Remove Eye Makeup





It is very necessary to give some free time to your eyes. Remove your entire make up every night before going to bed. Use a good cleanser or baby oil to remove eye make-up. This way, your eyes and lashes will get some time to breathe fresh air.


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Organic Castor Oil


Castor oil is the best remedy to increase the hair growth. Well, it is also applicable for the eyelashes. If you want thick, long and strong eyelashes, then apply castor oil every night. Take a small, thin brush and apply the oil on your lashes and eyebrows before going to bed. The oil will work whole night and after a few months, you will notice the change.


Olive Oil



Olive oil is another one of the best natural tips to stop falling of eyelashes and increase the growth. Apply olive oil on your lashes with a thin mascara brush. Wash the eyes with warm water in the next morning. Apply regularly to get the desired result.


Green Tea



Green tea is good for its flavonoids and caffeine. These two elements help in hair growth. Make some green tea and cool it down. Now, dip a cotton ball into the green tea and apply it on your lashes.


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Aloe Vera



You can use fresh aloe Vera gel on your lashes. The cool and nourishing effect of the aloe Vera gel will boost your eyelash growth. The lashes will be long. These natural tips to stop falling of eyelashes will help you get thicker and beautiful eyelashes. In addition, eating habit is very important . You have to take healthy diet every day with full of vitamins, proteins, and minerals like, fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lot more.


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