Natural Hair Tonics for Longer, Stronger and Lustrous Hair

Natural Hair Tonics for Longer, Stronger and Lustrous Locks

Lustrous hair
A lot of options are available in the market when it comes to maintain the health of your lustrous locks of hair. Though in this mayhem of options hair tonic has lost its relevance to some extent but that doesn't mean that you can ignore their importance. They are well known for providing strength to weak hair and in the course of doing so; they make the hair more resilient, which means that the likelihood of them falling down decreases a lot. They also contain some very vital ingredients, which are greatly helpful in hair growth as these ingredients work for the betterment of your slugging follicles.

Some of the very effective yet homemade hair tonics are:

Tonic made with Nettle:

Since nettle is very rich in iron content, a rinse made with it can greatly help you in a combat with hair loss and help your hair grow longer, stronger and lustrous. The things that you would be needing to prepare the tonic are:
i) A handful of nettle leaves that are fresh
    ii) Two cups of water
      iii) A bottle to store the preparation
        iv) A couple of drops of oil of your choice

          You put the leaves in two cups of water and then you boil the mixture, which once done is allowed to simmer. Once it cools down, you can add the oil of your choice and then store the mixture for about six months. After the required period it becomes ready for use and can be used by pouring it on your head, allow it to settle for five to ten minutes and then rinse your hair.

          Tonic made with horsetail:

          Silica is something very important for hair, especially if you want them to be stronger and lustrous. Silica is found in abundance in horsetail and you can use it to make a very good hair tonic for you. For the preparation you just need:
          i) Freshwater
            ii) A handful of horsetail

              To prepare the tonic you need to take a pot of water and boil it. When it does, you let it simmer, and at this stage you add the horsetail. You let the liquid steep for twenty minutes and then you can strain the liquid. For use, once you have shampooed your hair, you should pour this tonic on your head and then you can keep your hair wrapped in a warm towel. You keep your head wrapped for twenty minutes and then you can rinse your hair for astonishing results.

              Rosemary and parsley seed tonic:

              Rosemary and parsley add strength to your locks add render them glossy and shiny. You need:
              i) Two spoons of parsley seeds that are crushed
                ii) Half cup of chopped rosemary
                  iii) Water

                    You boil the seeds and rosemary in water and then allow it steep for almost twenty minutes. You then allow the liquid to cool and then strain it. For use, you can apply this on your head and you should wrap your head for an hour in warm towel. Instead of rinsing, you should allow your hair to naturally dry. 

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