Makeup Tricks to look Younger

If you follow some tips and apply your makeup with some extent of technique and planning, you can easily look younger, without altering the amount of makeup that you are habitual to wear....Continue Reading

Tips for Flawless Eye Makeup-1

If you apply your make up using the right steps with best techniques then you would not only end up looking very beautiful but will also save a lot of time.… Continue reading →

Tips for Best Face Makeup

Basically a combination of beauty products or cosmetics is referred to as makeup. Since makeup has a big role in making you look beautiful and is a representation of your personality, you should know its basics and tips so that you can make the most of it.....Continue Reading

Tips For a Flawless Eye Makeup-2

The first thing people notice on your face is your eyes so eye makeup is the most important one of all. People notice your eye makeup more than your eyes so it … Continue reading →

Make Your Face Look Thinner

A slim face is something everyone wants not just because it looks attractive but because it looks perfect. Well, gone are the days when making your face appear thinner was a tough job.....Continue Reading 

Best Makeup for Downturned Eye

Many beautiful celebrities have the downturned eye, so you just need to know the exact makeup tricks to help your eyes portray you in the best light possible.… Continue reading →

Tone Your Face With Exercises

Facial exercises also work just like other regular muscles exercises. It is the natural way to make your face look younger as these exercises firm up muscles and reduce wrinkles.....Continue Reading 

Makeup for Almond Eye Shape

Women who have almond shaped eyes, they are in an advantageous position because they have the liberty to experiment with their makeup. … Continue reading →

Makeup Kit Essential

For the people who use makeup on a regular basis, keeping a makeup kit is very important. The kit includes many things, which you select according to your usage and preference. Though the components of a makeup kit might differ.....Continue Reading 

Best Makeup for Your Hooded Eye

The makeup for hooded eyes might not be easy, yet there are ways, which if implemented correctly, can do the trick for you. … Continue reading →

Makeup Tips for Dry Skin

In the event of you having dry skin, it becomes even more important for you to select your beauty products very carefully because many products have ingredients which lead to further drying of the skin......Continue Reading

Makeup for Heavy Lidded Eye Shape

If your eye lids are heavy then you need to be careful with your makeup because you don't want your eyes to appear even more weighed due to the makeup. … Continue reading →

Makeup Foundation

With right information in hand about the makeup tricks one can make the heads turn and eyes roll. Foundation is the first and most crucial step of makeup. It is also called the makeup base.......Continue Reading  

Makeup for Deep Set Eye Shape

Makeup techniques help you in opening your eyes and are useful for women with small eyes. These techniques can help you to define eyes and make them stand out.


… Continue reading →

How to cleanse your face

Facial skin is quite delicate and its care depends upon the types of skin. Selection of facial cleansers is very important as every facial cleanser may not get rid of you all the makeup on your eyes.....Continue Reading

Correct Way of Cleansing of Facial Skin

A properly washed face is the basis for good skin health and for cosmetic application. Rather than using harsh oil soaps, you should find oil, free cleanser that will not irritate your skin.....Continue Reading → 


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