Make up Tips for Valentine Day

Make up tips for Valentine day


It's the Valentine Day girls! Are you exited yet nervous at what kind of makeup you should apply on the D day or how you would sweep the boy's off their grounds? If all these are bothering you and you are wondering how to turn up for the date, check out the simple makeup tricks and tips and be the head turner of the evening!


1. Put the blush on:


The best way to sweep your special someone off his feet while you are dining at the posh candle lit restaurant, the best way is to deepen the blush on your cheeks to a shade deeper than the one you usually use. The dimmed light ambience goes well with the look!


Put the blush on


2. Kissable lip spree:


While the red lips are the one you might think is apt for the V day, this year keep calm with a soft and natural looking lip color which is no more than two shades darker than your original lip shade. This would nake the look even more natural and kisses ready!


Kissable lip spree


3. Keep the glow on! :


To get that perfect lit- from- within radiant and lovely look, try the concept of applying a liquid highlighter under the normal foundation base you go for each day. This gives you the extra bit of shimmer and makes your skin glow like never before!



Keep the glow on with liquid highlighter


4. Let the eyes do the talking:


Eyes are one of such aspect of a woman which can mesmerize just about anyone sitting across the table for sure! While after a tired day at work, your eyes may look tired and droopy, you can add a fresh dash of life into them by applying a liner in either plum or a green shade. The blue undertones in a liner makes the whites of the eyes pop up and make you look awake and refreshed all along.


Let the eyes do the talking


5. The hairspray magic:


While you are done with the makeup part, while your hairs are not set in place makes the look go waste. To get things in a proper place get handy with a hairspray which helps tame your manes and also keeps those small tresses flying off at the either sides. Allow a dash of smoothing cream at the end to create the perfect hair day in a jiffy as well!


The hairspray




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