Home Remedies for Brides to Heal Aching feet

Home remedies for brides to heal aching feet due to high heels


Heal your feet pain, be the happy and active bride!


Every bride wants to look like a goddess on her wedding day and that takes efforts. Every beautiful, dress is paired with the perfect pair of heels. Seldom, brides resort to wearing flats and this practice of staying all night of the wedding in high heels leads to

    • arch cramps
    • ball of the foot pain
    • Pain in the great toe joint
    • Calf Pain
    • Muscle fatigue
    • Blisters
    • Back pain etc

    But hey! It's your wedding; fabulous heels are a must so here are the solutions to relive you of feet pain: 


     1. Protect your toes and get your feet used to the heels 

    Feet Care



    If you are picking a closed toe box heel then use something fluffy to support your toes. You can also wrap cotton evenly around the fingers and toes and under the ball to provide your feet with something to rest on. Inserting little cotton balls in between the toes would help as well. For peep toes and wedges, you can wrap soft clothing on the ball of your feet, under the strap. You can do the same for your heels as well as it prevents the rough abrasion of your feet inside the heeled shoes when you walk and protect the skin from blisters, bruises and internal pain.


    2.Exercise and stretch


    Stretching alone will help you get rid of major pain from your heels. The feet are not supposed to work that way but wearing heels put a lot of pressure on the toe ball, arch and the heel. 


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    • Stretching calves while placing hands up against the wall helps a lot in relieving pain.

    • Rolling your feet soles over gentle round surface like water bottle (warm/Ice cold) or tennis balls while you relax in a chair comforts the entire feet.

    • Sit expediently and stretch your feet and use your toes to collect pebbles or marbles and collect them in a mug/jar to improve the activity within your feet

    3. Cold pack massage for 7-8 minutes several times a day helps in preventing plantar fasciitis inflammation.


    4. Add some essential oil (Eucalyptus or peppermint oil or any aromatic oil available) and Dead Sea salt into warm water and soak your feet for 20 minutes. This will provide relief to the feet and soothe the soreness caused by tight heels.



    5. You can enhance your feet's blood circulation with a massage to your feet (preferably with aromatic essential oils that relieve pain such as lavender, spruce, peppermint, Sandalwood or Eucalyptus Oil). Get a professional to massage your feet, shin and calves gently but effectively prior to the wedding


    6. And, never wear heels on dry feet. Ensure that you have well moisturized them (use Vitamin E, Vitamin A rich cream).


    7. Being the bride, you will obviously be busy on your wedding but don't overlook your feet's health and invest in comfortable heels and above measures to prevent pain.