Health Care

Health Care

For successful and peaceful life one must know the art of living. A simple change in lifestyle, attitude and eating habits can do wonder for one's health as well as success. Human body is built in such a way that it can safeguard all its internal organs itself by producing required hormones and fight with external viruses. Healthy body and peaceful mind is the mantra of success. One just needs to follow certain principles religiously to let the body and mind function in its natural way.

Prevention and Remedial of Diseases

Get up early in the morning and drink lot of water. Do some walking, exercises/yoga and deep breathing. For releasing of stress laughing everyday is must. Control anger and anxiety by avoiding the situation, keeping calm or taking deep breath. Avoid continuous sitting and do some movements of neck every 2-3 hours and stretch the arms & legs every1-2 hours while working on computer.

Avoid spicy and oily food and sleep after two hours of dinner. Enhance intake of fruits and green vegetables like spinach, broccoli and lemon juice, to reduce the level of bad cholesterol and triglycerides and ward off the cardiovascular diseases. The change in eating habits will rejuvenate energy and strengthened the soul and will power. By following the four "Mool Mantras" of ancient India "Niyam, Sanyam, Swad And swabhav" one can prevent most of the diseases.

Regular yoga, asana and meditation are very important to keep the mind and body fit and healthy. Performing asana and yoga may prevent and even cure many diseases without any side effect .Blood pressure and hypertension can be permanently cured by asana and yoga.

Peaceful and Successful Life

One can achieve peaceful and successful life by: -
1. Keeping body and mind healthy through changing the life style.
2. Defining and concentrating on its goals.
3. Remaining positive and enthusiastic.
4. Fighting with the situation with confidence and should not surrender.
5. Winning the confidence of others.

Faith in God

One must have a faith in God, daily prayer and meditation plays a big role for enhancement of will power and to keep the mind cool which are very essential for achieving the success and to maintain the good health.

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