Home Remedies for Hair problems

Home Remedies for All Your Hair problems

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Having a bad hair day once in a long time is something you can cope up with but what if this bad day continues for a long time. Hair is the crowning glory of your body and you would always want them to be in the best possible condition and volume. Even if you start to feel problems in your hair, it doesn't mean that you will have to make a run to a salon or dermatologist. This is because Mother Nature has endowed humankind with the solution to very problem in a natural way. Here you shall know about the home made remedies to many hair related problems.

Some of the common problems and their remedies are:

For hair loss:
Hair loss is caused due to various factors such as stress, hormonal changes, and unhealthy diet or lifestyle problems. There are varied natural remedies that can help you in stopping the loss as well as in further growth of hair. Some of the most useful ones are:
b) Coconut is another very useful option because the milk of coconut contains essential fats, protein and minerals and this can put a stop to hair breakage.
c) Henna can also act as a great source for providing your hair strength which would reduce hair fall.

Remedies to free your hair from dandruff:

A number of reasons can cause the embarrassing dandruff problem. Some of the home remedies to treat the same are:
Curd with its conditioning and acidic properties can help you greatly in fighting dandruff.
Regular application of henna to hair has been used as a solution to dandruff for centuries and you should also try it.
As the saying goes an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well the reality is that it can also keep dandruff away.

For dry hair dandruff:

Dry hairs are difficult to manage and give a very unattractive appearance as well. Some home remedies that can help you get rid of dry hair are:
The foremost on this list is vinegar because it not only acts as a conditioner for your hair but it also helps you get rid of dandruff, which can be a big time reason behind the dryness of your hair.
Eggs are considered to be very good conditioner because they are rich in fatty acids, proteins and also vitamins which are fat soluble. Thus, their conditioning and cleansing effect is quite effective.
Follow the above remedies to get beautiful and lustrous hair forever!
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