Hair Care

Hair care is an essential daily aspect just like skin care. Our skin needs nourishment and care. It requires protection from external factors like sun and pollution. The same rule applies to our hair. Hair deserves and need equal attention and nourishment.

With proper handling and care, hair can become silky smooth, strong and problem free. We provide some basic tips for day to day basis care of hair:

1. Clean hair is the first step towards beautiful hair. Wash your hair regularly to make them dirt free.
2. Beware. Excessive washing can make hair weak and also make them lose some important nutrients.
3. Apply shampoos and conditioners that is herbal based. Avoid overuse of chemicals on hair.
4. The right way to wash hair is to gently rub shampoo on the scalp. If roots and scalp are clean the hair will be healthy.
5. Do not use your nails to rub your scalp as it may irritate the skin. Always use your finger tips.
6. Use of conditioner as per your hair type will provide the necessary nutrients to the hair. Apply it on hair ends.
7. Gently rub the towel on hair for squeezing the excess water and let hair dry in natural way. Avoid blow drying. If the latter is at all required then remember to keep the dryer at the distance of six inches.
8. Kindly avoid brushing of wet hair as it will result in hair fall.
Once you have ensured the safe and careful cleaning of hair, it is time to understand other important aspects. The following tips will make your hair healthier and shinier:
1. Use hair brush. It will increase the blood circulation of your head.
2. Massage hair with hair oil. This will not only help in dealing with normal hair problems but it will also decrease the stress levels.
3. Homemade methods and conditioners provide nutrients and glow to hair without any side effects. Apply curd on the hair roots and ends for 5-10 minutes and then wash off. Now shampoo your hair. The result will be extremely shining and bright hair. Curd will also provide the necessary supplements to hair and scalp.
4. Get your hair trimmed regularly so as to avoid split ends. It will facilitate fast hair growth.
Too much of chemical use can hamper the quality and length of hair.
Too much stress and unbalanced eating habits can affect the hair adversely.

Take wholesome diet rich in minerals and vitamins and keep stress at distance.

The above mentioned tips are useful for following a daily hair care routine. You will soon find solutions related to specific hair and skin problems.
Keep nurturing your hair and skin with care!

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