Hair Care in Winter

hair care

The quality and texture of your hair can make or break your beautiful image. So it is very important to take good care of your hair. With change in season, the hair needs added attention and nourishment especially if it is winter season.

1. In winter, the atmosphere becomes dry as the moisture content in air goes down. This makes the hair dry and brittle. The natural oils of the hair are insufficient in winter to keep the hair strong and lustrous. And that’s why our hair needs supplements to retain their beauty. With some easy to implement steps you can retain that natural glow of your hair and welcome the winter with a big smile:
2. Turn off that heat. Cold temperatures have drying effect on your hair. And heat applications like blow dryers, pressing combs, hair styling methods etc can further lower the moisture in your hair. That will make your hair further dry and brittle. So let your hair get dry naturally by using a towel. Also prefer those hair styling techniques less often.
3. Moisturizing is the key word. Keep your lovely locks well moisturized. Go for Shampoos and conditioners which are moisturizing in nature. They will act against the damaging cold weather and protect your hair
4. Avoid hot showers. Always use lukewarm or cool water for baths and hair wash. The use of hot water is deadly for both your hair and skin.
5. Cover those tresses. Before going outside, let your hair dry naturally as cold winds can adversely affect the wet hair. Moreover, it is safer to keep your hair tied in form of ponytail, bun or plait and then put on some silky hat or scarf. This will safeguard the hair from cold air, direct sunlight and pollution.
6. Wash hair regularly. The cold temperature should not stop you from washing your hair. The hair should be washed in every three days so that they are clean and good looking. But more than this much of frequency can be harmful.
7. Oiling works great. When hair looks very dry then little application of oil on hair ends in between washing can be a good idea. A good hair oil massage will increase the blood circulation and reduce dandruff. Rosemary and lavender oils are good for different hair types. The herbal enriched oils promote hair growth and prevent hair fall. But avoid excessive oil massage.
8. Efficient lifestyle is crucial. This includes stress free living and healthy eating. Include sprouts, fruits, green vegetables and plenty of water in your daily light. A good sleep and yoga are also helpful in maintaining good skin and hair all year round.

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