Graying of Hair

How to handle graying hair

Graying hair is cause of worry for all those who want to look youthful forever. Gray strands of hair are always associated with ageing. The first appearance of graying makes a person feel that end of youth has started. Well we beg to differ. Though ageing brings grayness in hair, yet there are many other reasons which also contribute to graying hair.

Hereditary factor. Whether our hair retains their natural color or whitens prematurely mainly depends upon our genes. From our parents or grandparents, we can inherit the quality and texture of our hair.

Prolonged illness. Long period of severe illness may lead to insufficient production of melanin. Lack of enough melanin results in graying of hairs.

Lack of balanced diet. Beautiful hair needs balanced diet rich in protein and vitamins. Absence or lack of these in the diet may cause more and more graying.

Stress. High tension levels, anxiety or sorrow have also been seen as factor of gray hair.

Ageing. It is the most common reason of gray hair. Gray hair is early signal of ageing.

For preventing gray hair to appear, some precautionary actions can be taken like:

1. Switch over to healthy diet rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins. Cereals, green leafy vegetables, fruits, soy, yoghurt, eggs, meat are some of the foods which provide required nourishment and natural glow to hair.

2. Use of mild hair shampoos for daily hair care protects the surface of hair. Avoid chemical based shampoos and conditioners.

3. Quit smoking as it causes premature graying.

4. Reduce your stress and anxiety levels if you really want to save your beautiful hair from graying.

5. Henna treatment. To protect your hair go for hair conditioning at regular intervals. Henna is a good option for your hair.

Home remedies for graying of hairs

1. Use amla regularly for treatment of hair. It will rectify hair fall and graying hair as well.
2. Apply amla paste on the hair and on the scalp and it will do wonders to your hair. Alternatively, you can soak some amla throughout night in water and use the water as hair conditioner. It will help in curing gray hair and bring shine to the hair.
Graying of hair is a natural phase which comes with age. The time of graying has been predetermined by your genes. More than 40% of people develop Gray hair by the age of 40. Many people who suffer from premature graying don’t even consider malnutrition as a cause.

How to get rid of grey hairs?

Dye your hair:

One of the simplest ways is dye your hair as per choice of your color. This is not the permanent solution and you will have to dye your hairs again and again and chemicals used in dyes may cause many complications.

Wear a hairpiece or wig:

Wearing wig or hairpiece is very easy and can give instant look. These are available in various colors and are safer than dyes. If you prefer natural look than it is not for you as most people can tell that a man or women wearing wig for a distance. You cannot wear wig when you want to swim or in any sudden gush of wind. Some people may feel itching or allergic reactions.

Shave your head bald:

Another way to get rid of graying of hair is shave your head then you will not need coloring dying etc. but keep on shaving your head frequently. God has given hair to save your head from weather changes and look beautiful, handsome. Moreover you will use something to protect your head from cold or heat during changing weather.

Use natural ingredients in your daily diet and change lifestyle:

This is natural safest way to get rid of grey hairs. Adding some natural ingredients in your daily diet and change in lifestyle will not only correct your graying hair but also give you better and healthy lifestyle. Men and women all over the world are already benefiting from the easy, at-home program found only in reversing the Gray™. By using this at-home program you will find out….
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