Lip Plumping

Simple tips to protect lips!

The dazzling smile on the face is incomplete without those lovely and glossy lips. Every woman likes to have soft and beautiful lips. However, several factors such as harsh weather, sun rays and improper care can make lips dull, dry and ugly. Neglected and under nourished lips not only diminish the face value but also cause pain. While soft lips form an essential part of an appealing personality, chapped lips signify lackadaisical kind of character a woman has.
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Taking proper care of your lips is not that difficult. Read on the following tips to attain beautiful lips without much hassle.
Cleanse your lips:
Just like your face and body, your lips also suffer from pollution, dust and many external factors. Therefore, cleanse them softly on daily basis with good cleansing milk. You may mix drops of orange juice in yoghurt and use it as cleanser for your lips.
Moisturize your lips:
Lips need to be moisturized to look soft and healthy. Apply a good lip balm or petroleum jelly to moisturize your lips twice a day. It would give a natural shine to your lips. You may also use almond oil as moisturizer.
Safeguard your lips from sun:
Before going out in sun, apply a good sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. Sun rays can darken the lip color and cause them to crack. Sunscreen is the answer to those harsh rays of sun if you really want to have natural pink lips.
Exfoliate the skin on lips:
Daily scrubbing of lips helps to get rid of chapped skin and attain naturally pink lips hidden beneath. Rub some sugar granules on the lips to remove dead cells.
Before retiring to bed, gently scrub your lips with soft toothbrush. You won't have chapped lips anymore. Moreover, your lips would become soft and supple.
Massage of lips:
Massage helps the skin to rejuvenate and improve. By massaging your lips daily, you can improve the condition of your lips. Mix almond oil and orange juice to make a lip balm. Now, use it to massage your lips every night and get lovely lips.
To make your lips look bigger, only pencil in the curve of your upper lip then intermingle it with your lipstick or gloss.
Check your diet:
Check if you are taking enough of vitamin B as well as fluids. Both of these provide essential nutrients to your tender lips. Take healthy diet and plenty of fluids such as water and fruit juices because insufficient diet also makes lips unhealthy and dull.
Things to avoid
Excessive caffeine intake
Licking the lips
Pulling the skin of lips
Cosmetic products that can cause allergy
Expired cosmetic products
Your smile is quintessential part of your charming personality. Therefore, protect your lips in order to flaunt that flawless smile!