Home Remedies To Whiten Your Teeth

8 Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Home remedies for teeth whitening Dental hygiene is an important part of keeping healthy. Your mouth should reflect good oral hygiene and white smile to show when you laugh and talk. To keep your smile bright and to attain sparkling teeth, it is important to keep your entire body healthy as dental health is correlated with other health risks. To maintain bright smile and healthy teeth you must take care on daily basis. Nowadays market is flooded with lots of dental hygiene products but many of them contain harmful chemicals. Here are some natural solutions that will whiten your teeth without any side effect.

1. Carbon powder/Charcoal

Carbon has absorbing quality; it is capable of absorbing toxins, chemicals and acidic stains. Dip a clean wet tooth brush in carbon powder and clean your teeth with little circular motion for about 2 minutes. Thereafter rinse your mouth thoroughly to remove the carbon powder. Carbon powder will absorb the accumulated stains from your teeth and whiten your teeth.

Take a piece of charcoal and rub against your teeth carefully for about a minute. You do not rub charcoal against your gums. Wash your mouth then brush your teeth with toothpaste as normal. Do it for few days and see the result.

2. Strawberries

Make a homogeneous mixture of drinking soda and strawberries pulp and spread this mixture on the teeth with smooth toothbrush. Leave it for five minutes and then brush your mouth thoroughly with your regular tooth paste Rinse your mouth to remove tooth paste and rest of the mixture. In case strawberries seeds have been in your mouth then you can use dental floss to remove the seeds. Take care to not to overdo this methods, as overtime it may damage tooth coating.

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3. Lemon or Orange Peel

Peel an orange or take the inside skin of lemon and rub the inside skin all over your teeth thereafter rinse your teeth. Now brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste. Brush your teeth for a week time with this method. You will find that your teeth have been whitened. Do not overdo it as acidic content of lemon/orange may wear away the enamel of the teeth.

4. Banana

Whiten your teeth

Banana peel is another natural solution for whitening your teeth. The research has found that minerals available inside peel of banana help in whitening the teeth without any side effect. Cut the banana peel in small pieces then rub the inside skin of banana peel on your teeth and after 15 minutes rinse your mouth well.

5. Olive Oil

Olive oil for teeth Olive oil can also help you in whitening your teeth. Before brushing your teeth add few drops of olive oil on your tooth brush and simply brush it or drip few drops of olive oil to a corner of wash cloth and rub it on your teeth. Thereafter rinse your teeth properly.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can remove stubborn stains on the teeth, especially from coffee and nicotine. After brushing with apple cider vinegar, brush your teeth with your regular tooth paste so that acid in the vinegar may not remove the enamel from your teeth. You will have to consistent with use of ACV and wait for some time to get result as it may take up to one month to show any result.

7. Dairy Products

It has been found in recent research that cheese, milk and yogurt contains minerals that strengthen the teeth and improve whiteness of teeth. Milk and yogurt help keep the mouth cavity clean and shiny.

8. Baking Soda

Limited use of baking soda can enhance the whiteness of the teeth. Mix it with your regular tooth paste or mix with hydrogen peroxide to clean and whiten the teeth. Hydrogen peroxide will serve as anti bacterial agent and keep the teeth and gum safe from bacteria.


While using teeth whitener you should be very careful because your teeth are fragile and some teeth whitener are acidic in nature and may remove enamel from your teeth, damage gums or other part of your mouth. Using lemon juice for whitening the teeth can do more harm as acid may create tiny holes in your teeth. Natural approach of whitening of teeth should always be done in moderation.

To educate you further on the tooth care tips, you can find a vast resource which has systematic information on teeth and secrets to keep the teeth white in perfect shape and health. Many times, our approach or habits cause us to suffer. Now, here you can get access to such resource which discovers the hidden secrets to get healthy, strong, clean and white teeth in an eBook “Whitening teeth secret“. It has been developed for teeth whitening, based on ancient Ayurvedic Indian techniques.
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