Summer Nail Art Designs for 2017

Summer nail art designs for 2017

It's time again to explore summer nail art designs for 2017, flaunt funky and bright designs on nails this summer. Watermelons, stars, abstract art, patterns, and blocks- all ideas are in hot demand. Visit a salon for good manicure and color your nails with lots of art attack. The fresh ideas of nail art will give your personality a new shake. We have compiled some gorgeous ideas of nail art for the scorching summer to freshen up, read on:


Bright Floral


Bright floral


Freshness comes from colorful floral designs. How about painting flowers on the nails to get a charming effect? Well, select a light color base like pink or white or light yellow and on that base apply the floral designs. Finish it up with a shiny coat.


Zig Zag Patterns


Patterns look always cool when you are in a naughty mood. Apply different colors in each nails whatever is your favorite like, orange, sky blue, pretty pink, bright yellow and sea green. Draw the patterns with black or white.


Pastel Geometric


geometric design


Geometric designs in nails are fresh. Make the geometric designs with some soft colors like pink, sky blue, white, yellow. The Geo pattern will keep the nail art elegant as well as casual.


Color Flip Side


Apart from the top of the nails one can color the flip side of the nails. It is a cool and funny idea. Apply a nude color on the nails and select a bright red or yellow or green for the opposite side.


Ombre with Star


ocean effect


Your nails will tell your favorite vacation target. Summer means vacation on the beach. So color your nails with ocean blue ombre and add star fish design on the end of the tip. The ocean effect is a unique concept of nail art.


Dots Effect




Dots or polka design is always stylish. Wear your favorite nail color. When it dries, apply dots on the nails with multiple color, or white or black, or with golden color. This nail art is easy but looks great.


Cool Watermelon


water melon


Watermelons are meant for summers. Design watermelon on your nails with dark pink, green and black nail polish. This art design looks fresh and awesome at day time.




holographic nail design


Paint your nails in holographic design. The holographic design looks wonderful and ravishing in sunlight. In fact, you can wear various colors for this design. Your nails will say that you are a fun loving person.


Upcoming Practical Fashion Trends in 2017

Shocking pink to vibrant flowers, leggings to hoody- This year is overloaded with bright colours and elegant outfits. The idea is to add the classic style with new concepts. Get ready to welcome the brand new concept and chic outfits which have already ruled the runway shows. This year's fashion concepts are bright, lively, as well as sophisticated. Yet not all can be included in your daily life. Therefore, here are practical fashion trends in 2017 that you can try and flaunt easily anytime. Check them out:




Stripes are always fashion's favourite. In this New Year, stripes are also going to rock the fashion world. From bright rainbow colour to monotonous two colours design, any style will be just fine.



Stripes are trending


Button- down shirt


Fashion designers have the task to bring some new style in the world fashion. In 2017, the fashion world will be cherished with button down shirt. You can make your own style statement with this sophisticated shirt concept. Like, one shoulder split shirt or Graphic lines in shirt dress that is up to you.


Chic and trendy!


Statement Written Tee


Your high school days are going to come back. Well, we are talking about statement written tees. Upcoming trends are patronising these trendy and stylish tees.


Grab such tees to grab attention.




The ready-to-wear slim leggings are back in fashion. The super slim shapes in caviar lace, velvet and spandex with incorporated shoes are ruling the runway shows.


Show off those leggings!


Arty Pop


This year fashion experts stretched on the graphic. Geometric shapes, criss-cross stripes, poppy pleats and spotty knitwear with bright and intense colours are heating the fashion world. Long and short dress, skirts and jacket is modified into the sunny arty look.




Get vibrant this season!


You can also get fashionable and look amazing with upcoming fashion trends in 2017, which are practical too and celebrities are following.



Top 5 Diwali Dresses for Women in 2016

Top 5 Diwali Dresses for Women in 2016


Women love dressing up for a reason or for no reason whatsoever! And Diwali is no exception to this law. In fact, it gives an opportunity to a woman to unhide her beauty through the dress, jewellery and the makeup she wears. Have a look at the trends that are making noise in the fashion world this Diwali. Here are top five top Diwali dresses for women in year 2016.


The evergreen Anarkali


Ever since the Anarkali has come back in vogue, there is no looking back. What makes it so special is that this flared long dress comes in different types and styles that can even be customized for women of different sizes and shapes.


Evergreen-anarkali Diwali dresses




A deep coloured lehenga always manages to add a pinch of spice to your overall look. Lehengas have hardly ever been out of trend, but this season you can find an array of styles on almost all the online fashion websites.




Brocade Skirts



One look at anything brocade and all you can think about is festivals. You can pair these skirts with crop top, choli or a single coloured long plain kurti to complete your look. These skirts are favourites among women of all age groups, and are easily available in the markets.


Brocade-skirts as Diwali dresses for women


Palazzo Suits


The palazzo suit offers a right blend of simple and stylish look. You can buy an embellished kurta to create a festive look or wear a simple kurti with a heavy work palazzo. Either way you will manage to get a perfect look. Women with short height could wear high block heels to make this dress look more appealing.




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Ethnic Jackets or Shrugs


This is a budget friendly option for all those who do not wish to spend enormously on their get up. Apart from being reasonable, it adds a lot of chic value to your appearance. You can pair these jackets with simply anything like a long plain kurti and leggings or Patiala salwar or even with jeans. Just one jacket and you start looking festive.




One style trick that really does wonders is when you are wearing a heavy costume try to keep your makeup and jewellery to the minimum. On the other hand, when your attire is not so heavy, you may accessorize yourself sufficiently and opt for a dark makeup. This balance will make you look glamorous as well as classy, and you will end up creating a long-lasting impression on your friends and guests.

Best Summer Footwear Options for Women

Best Summer Footwear Options for Women


From all the seasons, summer time is the best time of the year for summer footwear options when it comes to fashion! You get to try different patterns, different colors, and the best part is there is no 'must follow rule'. Even when it comes to wearing footwear, you can go crazy and wear anything that best suits your style and personality. But in case you need a few tips on best summer footwear options for women, then they are mentioned right here.


1. Sneakers


The casual laced up sneakers are here to stay for long. These now come in various colors and styles which bring fun element to your dressing.


Sneakers for women as summer footwear options for women


You can pair your sneakers with: Shorts, denims, midi skirts, palazzos, chinos, trousers, and even with maxi dresses.


2. Laced up Sandals/ Gladiator Sandals


These sandals offer you a very elegant yet casual look. Wear the gladiators during day time or for night, they are definitely going to increase your oomph factor.


Laced up Sandals for women as summer footwear options for women


You can pair your laced up sandals with: Short skirt, shift dress, midi skirt, long floral dress, shorts, jeans, and jumpsuit and almost with everything except Indian ethnic wear.


3. Slides


In summers, no footwear can match the ease of slides. It has always remained one of the most preferred choices of the women since ages. You should definitely have a few pairs of these in black, white, suede, silver and golden colors to match with all your summer dresses.


Slides for women as summer footwear options for women


You can pair the slides with absolutely anything and everything!

4. Kitten Heels


Kitten heels can very well replace your high heels for the time being. Indian summers are not too welcoming. Especially when you are required to be outdoors for a longer period of time, you won't be able to sport your heels in the best possible way. Hence, the kitten heels! They offer glamour with cuteness.


Kitten Heels for women as summer footwear options for women


Pair these heels with formal dresses, skirts, midis and all types of one piece dresses. If you have kitten heeled shoes, then you can wear them with a pair of denims.


5. Block Heels


Block heels are the squared heels that have already become a huge hit among the followers of the fashion. They belong to the category of fashion meets function and are here to become the best friend of every woman out there.


Block Heels for women as summer footwear options for women


You can pair your block heeled sandals with breezy flowing dresses and pencil skirts. Whereas, a pair of block heeled shoes can be worn with jeans, short skirts, long skirts, party gowns and trousers.


6. Peep toes


Peep toes are no longer only associated with flats. You can now very easily find bootie style peep toes that look absolutely stunning if paired with a flattering dress.


Peep toes for women as summer footwear options for women


Peep toes add glamour to your overall appearance and the best part is that you can wear them with anything.


These days, almost all big brands manufacture the footwear mentioned above, and all are selling online. Therefore, it is not at all difficult to find sizzling pairs of shoes that best fit for summer footwear options for women style quotient!