Blunders to Be Avoid By Brides

Exfoliation Tips – Blunders to Be Avoid By Brides


There are plenty of beauty products and treatments claiming beauty and lustre to skin of the prospective brides. However, hardly any product or treatments fulfil their promises. Luckily, one of the easiest and most beneficial things any bride can do is to exfoliate her skin. The process of exfoliation helps in keeping the skin healthy and younger.


How Exfoliation Improves your Skin?


Skin exfoliation means removing the oldest dead cells from the outermost layer of the skin. By getting rid of the less healthy cells, you are able to get a newer, clearer, and healthy skin. Regular exfoliation leaves your skin to look younger, and feel softer and smoother. Always remember that exfoliation is not just meant for face. There are tremendous benefits that come from exfoliating your body, especially the elbows, feet, and legs.


Many people including would-be brides commit mistakes while scrubbing their skin. This is what damages your skin the most. It is necessary that you know how to exfoliate your skin to maintain its smoothness and to prevent, any after damages.


Let us reveal some effortless tips to you to help you in exfoliating your tired looking skin for your wedding day,



1. Do not use a body scrub to exfoliate your facial skin


This is the first "NO" that you need to avoid in any circumstances. Use an exfoliating scrub meant for your facial skin. Our face has very thin skin layer as compared to our other body parts. If you make this mistake by any chance, then there are hundred percent changes of your upper layers of dermis to be damaged.






For face, it is advised to use exfoliating scrub that contains fruits in it like pineapple, papaya, etc. These exfoliating enzymes are milder than the scrubs with granules.


2. Do scrub but only on damp skin


The top-most priority while exfoliating is to dampen your skin, before anything else. The best time to use body or facial scrubs is while you are bathing. Scrubbing dry skin is the most common mistake that to-be-brides make. If you make this mistake, the upper layers of your dermis can get damaged. Therefore, do not exfoliate your skin too much.




3. Avoid over scrubbing


Over scrubbing results in red and irritated skin along with rashes on skin. It is ideal to scrub gently and in circular motions to get rid of dust and dead cells. Also avoid scrubbing more than once or twice a week. Let the skin maintain its optimum oil balance.


4. Look before you scrub


Check the ingredients involved in the face scrub are suitable for your skin type. Using any scrub can do more harm than good. If you are preparing homemade scrub then you need to understand the elements which will provide best results for your skin.


5. Use natural alpha-hydroxyl acids


These natural acids work well in peeling the damaged layers of the skin and offering a healthy renewal of skin layers. It is best advised to use sour milk or lemon juice. They can slough off dead skin cells and rebuilt new skin tissues and cells.


6. Apply a hydrating moisturizer after exfoliating your skin


Sealing moisture in your skin using a reliable hydrating moisturizer is very important. Look for a moisturizing cream that suits the best on your skin.