Important Information About Blisters



Blisters are rather painful an affair for us humans and are usually seen in bubble form beneath the top layer of the skin and are filled with fluid in them. The fluid in these can be blood, serum or even pus and while most of them are circular in shape and look. While these can be caused in humans due to an array of reasons, depending on that it can cause pain and even itches.


Types and causes 


Out of the blisters caused in humans, some of the common ones are discussed below.


1. Friction blisters:


These are as the name suggests are caused by friction and can be caused by wearing a new shoe or a new glove and usually takes appearance in the palm region, toes, thumb and in the heels.


Friction blisters


2. Blisters caused by heat and cold:


These are the ones which are caused when you step out in extreme hot or cold weather conditions or touch anything which is too hot or too cold. This is caused to your skin are taken as second degree burn and are also known as partial thickness too.


Blisters caused by heat and cold


3. Contact Dermatitis:


These can also develop on your skin in case you touch anything poisonous like a plant or any substance that you are allergic too. These are often the symptom of contact dermatitis.


Contact Dermatitis


4. Blisters due to insect bites:


In the environment we get to experience a lot of insects and bugs which are harmful for us humans and in case our skin gets in contact with them, it may cause blisters.


Blisters due to insect bites


5. Shingles and Chicken pox:


Blisters can also result onto your skin surface as a result of a viral attack like that of herpes virus which causes chicken pox whose main effect is causing blisters all over the skin. The other effect of chicken pox is shingles which are as much painful and itchy as the chicken pox blisters are.


Shingles and Chicken pox Blisters


6. Herpes Simplex blister:


Another virus which can wreck havoc with your lips are herpes simplex virus which causes blisters. These are usually seen on the genital region, mouth or lips and can come when you are experiencing fevers. This virus can get easily spread to others by activities such as kissing, sharing the same utensil while eating etc.


Herpes Simplex blister


7. Hand, foot and mouth disease:


These are usually seen in the foot, mouth and hand regions. While this issue is a common sight among kids whose age is less than ten year, it can easily get spread via saliva, feces, mucus and blisters from someone who is already affected with the issue.


Hand, foot and mouth disease blister


Usual treatment and cure


While blisters of any kind are not really serious an issue but irritating for the person, thus some of the ways to treat the condition are discussed below.



1. Keep the area clean and dry:


While some of the blisters get fine with time where the fluid is absorbed by your skin and it collapses and flattens. However you need to make sure that till that happens, you need to cover the region with a tape to help it not to break open.


2. Do not break IT until needed:


It is better not to break it till it is too huge for you to bear. In any case, let your doctor do the needful and after it is broken, clean the region with soap and apply an antibiotic lotion and cover with a tape in the morning and keep it to dry at nighttime.


When to seek doctor's advice?


In case you feel that the blisters are associated with flu like symptoms, you need to see a doctor. Other reasons include any pus coming off it, swelling, red streaks in the area and in cases when these are seen in the eye or around the genitals.