Adopting a Winter Friendly Skin Care Routine

Adopting a winter friendly skin care routine


Winters without doubt are a season we all look forward to when the climate is misty and chilly all over. While we are busy rejoicing the low temperatures in these days, it on the other hand takes a toll on our skin to a great extent.


Winters bring with it dry, irritated and itchy skin while the skin types may change visibly where oily skin change to normal, dry skin becomes irritated and sensitive and normal skin becomes dry.


Thus, in these situations taking care of the skin becomes a task and thus adopting a winter friendly skin care routine comes to the rescue!


Winter friendly skin care planning


Taking care of your skin care regime in the harsh winter months is not rocket science and can be practiced by bringing in small yet essential changes in the skin care regime discussed below.


Cleansing facts


Due to the fact that the weather and the skin requirement in winters are way different, adjusting the cleansing routine helps. Shifting to a light cleanser from the ones which are soap and gel or alcohol based is the need of the hour and the ones used should be milk based, foaming and mild. The latter ones prevent the skin from stripping away moisture and oil and keeps it soft and healthy.






Moisturization is the key to great and healthy skin in the winter months when the air is cold. Thus shifting to a heavier moisturizer helps protecting the skin and keeping it healthy too.




Hot baths are to be avoided


A hot water actually feels great in the winter months but it wrecks havoc on the skin. The hot water strips the skin off moisture and oil making it dry. Thus, adding a few drops of essential oils in the warm water helps.


Hot baths




Its winters, but still the sun's rays are equally harmful for the skin. Thus to avoid sun damage, sunscreen application is a must.



Humidifier is an option


In case you stay in a place where heaters are used to keep the house warm and cozy, it is suggested that you look out for a humidifier. The humidifier retains the skin's moisture content that the heater rips off.




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Lips and hand care


The parts like lips and hands are something that everyone forgets about, while the face is taken care of the most in the winter months. However, one should not forget moisturizing the hands and the lips well during winters to keep them in good condition.


lip care


Avoid exfoliation


Even though this by-far remains an essential part of skin care regime, in the winters slowing down here is the key. Exfoliation strips off the skin off the essential oils and moisture thus hampering it in the long run.




Consider an eye cream


The skin around the eyes is extra sensitive and in the harsh winters the effects are graver. Thus incorporating an eye cream for the winters work pretty well.


While all the above points are important, a good lifestyle with exercises and healthy diet added to it helps in getting a healthy skin

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