2018 color trends for your wardrobe

Top 10 colour trends of 2018 for your wardrobe


A colour trend is always two directional, one side with darker shades and on the other lighter shades. There are a variety of colour varieties available to go with, but every other person wants to follow the trend. To feed the soul of fashion lovers below listed are the top 10 colour trends of 2018 for your wardrobe:


Bright tomato red:


Bright tomato red


Red is a very bold color which enhances the charm and grace. Similarly, tomato red not only gives that extra boldness in your look but also makes you look classy. You can try bright tomato red gown to slay any event or party. Tomato red is the colour of beauty and this dress will surely make anyone look extremely gorgeous.





Yellow is one of the popular and represents optimism, happiness and laughter. Yellow is a bright colour thus one doesn’t need much to add on with. Yellow can be combined with various other bright colours as well. Yellow bell shaped top is among the top must-try fashion trend. You can wear this top with white pants or skirt and it will surely look adorably elegant and beautiful.


Chocolaty brown:


Chocolaty brown


This colour has also made an in latest trend for wardrobe. Brown gives more dramatic and formal look. A brown colour dress can be worn in different styles as well as matched with any colour lighter in shade. One can try off shoulder brown top with black jeans or denim pants. This will surely give a classy look.






This colour gives more of warm hue look. This lighter shade gives more of a trendy look. White can be matched with various more bright colours like red, navy blue, yellow, orange, etc. White kurtas are also a must try with any bright coloured leggings.


Military green:


Military green


This colour is inspired by nature and military both. This colour gives a sporty military look. Girls can try military colured shirt with black plants or tight jeans. It will surely make you look sexy.


Grass green:


Grass green


This colour is back in fashion trend of 2018. This color gives a fresh and delicate look. Grass green resembles richness, environment, ambition and not to forget nature’s freshness. Grass green colured kurta looks extremely elegant and beautiful no matter if worn as casual or for a party.


Sky blue:


Sky blue


It is also a fresh colour and represents the vividness of sky. This colour looks very attractive on a long dress. Floral maxi dresses are in fashion. Blue floral maxi dress can give you that extra grace and delicacy in looks.


Deep rose:


Deep rose


This colour represents a princess look and the intense deep rose shade make it look more beautiful. Deep rose coloured gowns with a low line cut looks heavenly sexy on any women. No matter the colour or weight this colour can make anyone look sexy and adorable.






It is a summer season colour which looks romantic as well as very luxurious when combined with any light fabric. Lavender floral blouse looks great for any occasion or for daily wear.







Last but not the least, purple is also very much in fashion trend for wardrobe 2018. This colour is similar to bold but is soft and bright. Skirt shapes long sleeve top are also in trend and come is various prints of purple to try.


Colors are a very important thing, which one must take care of while setting a fashion trend. Any dress combination will not look great if the colour combination is odd.


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